"We would like to thank you for all your assistance with letting of our rental unit.

We were impressed with your clear understanding of the market place and in assessing the property’s rental value together with securing what we believe to an excellent tenant. This was of prime importance to our investment. The ongoing assistance provided after the initial renting is paramount to us and in particular the inspection reports we receive give us confidence that the unit is being looked after and any issues that arise are dealt with promptly.

We appreciate your excellent service, always being punctual to any arranged meetings and the fact that you are dedicated through the entire process.

We found you to be highly professional and ethical and easy to get along with and would happily recommend you to anyone and believe you, Jennifer are a valuable member of Jackson & Rowe Real Estate in your role as a Property Manager. "


"Congratulations on your new look. Thank goodness you are the same I have grown to know & love.

I have known many real estate agents in a life of saving and investing. it is my assessment that Jackson & Rowe is in the stratosphere above the rest.

You follow in your father's footsteps to inspire your staff to understand the ideals you have learnt, a rarity in leadership in this day and age.

You have contributed boldly to the industry but few can see beyond the easy objective of collecting commissions.

Your business model is inspiring and it is because you know real estate and that knowledge is the forefront of the business well ahead of the till in the background.

I enjoyed the good humour of changing your stripes. Some very, we've got news, important!

Thank you and keep the family trust forever.


"This may be the end of an era but we have always appreciated the professionalism & care you have shown in all our dealings over many years. Thank you!"

P.S you have spoilt us for all other agents


"When it came time to pick an agent to manage my property, I did not hesitate in appointing Jackson & Rowe. Despite my property being located some 30km from their office, every aspect of my investment has been managed with the care and attention that I would expect should the property be located locally. Living interstate, I am confident that Jackson & Rowe are continually working in my best interest as an investor, which take the stress out of owning a property. I would have no hesitations in recommending the services of Jackson & Rowe to vendors, purchaser and investors alike.


"We did not have any special expectation - just went through the usual negotiation of fees and what we expected from the agent. We were told that we would have a dedicated property manager & inspections would be carried out regularly. Suffice to say that we were somewhat surprised to get a letter from our property manager to advise there is an inspection coming up & invited us to come - this had never occurred with any agent in the previous 30 years - and at the conclusion of the inspection we got a report. We have experienced superior service from Jackson and Rowe that we’ve never experienced before & would have no hesitation in recommending Jackson and Rowe to any prospective landlord."


"As we go through life we meet various challenges. One of mine was getting a good Real Estate agent. Having property at Newport, Doonside, Burwood & Toongabbie I have dealt with many but Jackson & Rowe are simply the best. Reliable, helpful good Property Managers and great advice which I have sort several times.

As I say thank you and wish you one & all a great future. It’s a pleasure to do business with such pleasant and effective people.


"I have been a client with Jackson & Rowe for 25 years & have always found them to be approachable & pro-active in managing my investment properties. I have always received excellent service over this period & feel they have my best interest at heart, giving me peace of mind at all times.


"Approximately 5 years ago I transferred the management of my unit rental properties at Marsfield & North Ryde to Jackson & Rowe (J&R) of Ryde. I have always found them to be very friendly and highly professional team that is readily available to attend to my requirements. They keep me well informed of the market trends and other issues that could impact on the decisions I need to make in respect of my property portfolio. I have no hesitations in recommending J & R to others requiring real estate management services.


"I’ve been very fortunate to be associated with & have Jackson & Rowe manage my properties for the past 28 years. I’ve been nothing but satisfied with all the Property Manager’s & found Jackson & Rowe to be very efficient, professional & knowledgeable and couldn’t have a better group to look after my properties."


"It has been over a year now since Jackson & Rowe took over the management of our Sydney property. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jennifer and Jenny for their assistance and commitment during this time.

When we initially selected Jackson & Rowe from a short list of 3 real estate agencies in the Ryde area, we had chosen you based on your value proposition, your high quality standards and the belief that our home were in very trusted hands while we were going overseas. You have delivered on every aspect of our expectations so far: from the selection process of our tenants where you did find us long term, high quality tenants, to taking care of the daily tasks of property management. You advise us pro-actively of changes to tenancy laws and our obligations as a landlord, you take care of our tenants and although I cannot speak on their behalf, I get the general impression that they are happy with you as well. This is important as only satisfied tenants will look after a property well.

We got a little bit worried when the management of our property switched from Jenny to Jennifer as a change in personal often means a different level of quality with most service companies. However, the consistent, high quality standards of Jackson & Rowe ensure that no matter who manages your property, as a landlord you can expect the same high level of service from any staff member at Jackson & Rowe.

As we do have another property managed by another agency on the lower North Coast, we can compare and I know what I am talking about when I say that having your property managed by Jackson & Rowe makes property investment a ‘no worries’ affair. I would not hesitate one moment, if I had to make the choice of who is managing my property again. Thank you!


"I highly recommend Jackson & Rowe for their professional property management. Regular inspections of properties with comprehensive reports issued after every inspection keeps the property in excellent condition. The selection of tenants is carefully done which ensures trouble free periods during the tenancy. The property managers are professional and they take care of the property as if it was their own. Attention to detail when tenants are changing over ensuring property is delivered back in as close as to condition it was leased out which ensures minimal vacancy of property.


"The service & personal attention I’ve received from Jackson & Rowe has been second to none. I’ve dealt with other agents in the past so I can confidently say Jackson & Rowe are a superior agent so much so that I’ve transferred my other investments over to them & have recommended them to family & friends. I have no doubts that whilst Jackson & Rowe are looking after my investments properties I will continue to receive first-rate service & peace of mind."


"Jackson and Rowe have been my rental property managers for over 20 years and throughout that time, their property managers have been most efficient and professional in all their dealings with me.

Rent moneys have always been paid to me on time and where repairs have been required, Jackson and Rowe have always engaged capable and reasonably-priced tradesmen to my own and my tenants satisfaction.


"I have had the fortunate experience of dealing with Jackson & Rowe for some years now; first as a landlord and more recently as a vendor. I selected JR to manage my property at the outset particularly because of the successful direct debit only method of rent collection coupled with by-monthly direct credit to my account. I have found JR to be professional, responsive and listen to my input - to consistently achieve optimum outcomes. They have managed my property through one repaint and re-carpet in the period and I was very happy with the service rendered.

When I decided to sell my property, I chose to sell exclusively through Jackson & Rowe. I was impressed with the sales process particularly in the circumstances of selling in a softening market. Reporting was weekly and they were realistic in price, in advice and achieved a sale while the property remained happily tenanted up to settlement, that exceeded my expectations.


"I just wanted to let you know Jenny, that Rob & I were so happy with the results that you got for us with this property. We were also really impressed with your professional approach to the whole process and how you kept us informed all the way with what was happening at all the stages, that was really great. It helped us feel totally comfortable with the whole process. We felt like we were really being looked after.

In relation to the last point, I really do have to thank Stephen for his newsletter that gave us the idea about selling now rather than later.

Rob & I are very grateful for his insight as we are getting closer to retirement and by placing the proceeds of this sale into our home mortgage and going from having huge debts to the bank to a very small debt, we are relieved of all that pressure and look forward to wonderful debt free retirement! This will also enable us to assist our children when they start thinking about buying a property.

Lastly, Rob & I want to thank all those at Jackson & Rowe who helped manage the property over the past 12 years. The professionalism and assistance given was always appreciated.


Jackson Rowe rated 10 out of 10 based on 15 Client reviews.