It’s taken us a while but we are rather excited to be sending you this newsletter email. It has been built to allow you to search recent sales. Right now we have 6 postcodes 2111, 2112, 2113, 2114, 2115 and 2122.

In time we will be able to add more areas but right now we are really more focused on getting this right. No doubt, this first version will be changed after we see how it works. Please email us with your thoughts and suggestions.

The sales are drawn from our in-house database. While we have been collecting this information for years we have always wanted to be able share it online. In the past we were sending three and four page reports, which by their very nature meant that we had to limit the number of properties and the details we could show. The new system, when it works how we intend, should allow you to search multiple postcodes and multiple property types from units up to waterfront mansions.

We need to make clear that we gather this information from a number of sources such as the internet, other real estate publications, RPData and other agents. They are not all our sales. We realise that compiling so much data and using different sources there will be some sale dates & sale prices that are not totally correct. Where we can check information, we have but please read this as an indicator rather than an authority on a particular transaction. There will also be sales that aren’t shown. They may be excluded because we are unable to find out the sale price or because the property was sold without much publicity and we just weren’t aware of it. Like we said, this is about enabling you to see into the real estate market a little further. It is not a valuation tool.

Our intention is each month to refresh the data with the last three months sales. The most recent month’s sales will probably be the most sparse as we will still be trying to determine many of the sales that have occurred. Some of the sale prices will be supplied by the agents who sold the properties rather than from a government authority and so, shall we say, may be less accurate. As new information comes to light we will be able to update the data and republish the sale in the next newsletter, providing it’s still within the three month window.

If you have friends or family that would like to look at the information by all means forward the newsletter on or even have them subscribe and we will include them in our next run.

We may expand the period covered to go back 4 or even 6 months if there seems real interest from your side for us to do so. It just depends on what you tell us about how you use it, what you think and what you want. We are a sensitive lot. This could fall in a heap and then there will be a lot of tears on our side but we will keep working on it. That’s the problem when you think you have a great idea. So please be gentle.