Chantel Rowley, our BDM explains below what we look for when going through applications for our rental properties.
Every landlord wants a good tenant and unfortunately it is easy to get a bad one. We find referencing checking is the best way to weed out the good from the bad!

In finding a good tenant, we’re looking for someone with stable employment, with rental history, who pays their rent on time, and someone who looks after the property, and someone who will stay long-term and isn’t going to move every six months. We’re looking for someone who’s easy to deal with and who is also good with access.

We reference check every application that our owners are interested in, checking employment and rental history. We’ve had people put down managers for jobs they haven’t got, and had people put down rental history that does not exist. If you are looking for your own tenant, the one thing we recommend is to reference check. Make sure you are getting the good tenant you want.

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