Your tenant has left the property, and there is damage or repairs to be made, or the cleaning is just not where you want it. The tenant doesn’t want to know about any of it, but also wants their full bond back. When this happens, you really want a Property Manager who can go to NCAT, or the tenancy tribunal & fight for you & your bond claim.
Amelia Bowsie, one of our property managers is becoming an expert on NCAT & tribunal bond claims.

“Yes. I believe you should, especially if you’re out of pocket because of cleaning or damage, or you’re feeling really powerless with how the tenants have left the property. Unfortunately though, we’re not in control of the outcome. Tribunal is very tenant friendly, but I would still recommend going, particularly if the cost of repairs are in the hundreds of dollars or more. The benefit of tribunal is that when negotiations between you and the tenants have stalled, the tribunal provides a forum to resolve things and move forward.

The cost of this is that you don’t have control over what you get, but the issue does get resolved.

I’ve been to tribunal four times in the last couple of months. I’ve always fought hard for my owners. I go there with entry and exit reports, detailing the condition of the property, before the tenant moved in, and the condition of the property when the tenant vacates. The results have been mixed, but I’ve gotten something for my owners every time.”

A bond claim can be messy. Don’t let that fact that NCAT & tribunal can be confusing for the uninitiated stop you from resolving an issue, and standing up for your rights as a landlord. If you’d like to know more, this video is just the first in a series we’ll be running on going to tribunal as a landlord.

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NCAT’s website is here if you’d like more information.


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