Where to buy an investment property can be hard decision to make.
An investment property in Ryde, old or new, can be solid choice.

Stephen Jackson, who has been managing in the area for almost 30 years explains why investment property in Ryde is so good!

Investment Property in Ryde.

“Ryde is a great place to have an investment property. What makes that investment property so good is that it has good, strong capital growth, it has a very low turnover of tenants, and the vacancy, when that does happen, is very low or very small. Ryde is one of those areas that encourages that, and I think the reason for that is that our area is a central part of Sydney. We’re pretty much halfway between the city and Parramatta. We have universities around us. We have the Macquarie Business Park.

All these things give an incredible amount of employment and an incredible amount of stability to the people who live in property around here. And all that works such that an investment property here returns well, they grow in value well, and they cause no headaches for clients. I think that’s really what most of our clients love about the property investments that they have here.”

The other good thing about Ryde is the the median price for a unit is sitting at $735,000. However, the median rent for a unit is $500! The rents around Ryde are stable, and in our experience even when the market drops around Christmas time, the asking rents are still high & within a reasonable range. There are no dramatic drops, despite the influx of newer builds. We have between 400 – 650 people inquiring on our rental properties every month, and even when the market has been at it’s slowest the demand is still there. Enquiry on rentals has not dropped below 376 people this year.

Another good metric for investment property in ryde is the DSR Score, or the demand supply ratio. Ryde rates ‘Good’ on this metric, which means Ryde is a healthy market, with growth ahead of the national average.

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