Three things you need to know

Before you go to market, consider what’s different about your property, what it’s worth and why you fell in love with it.

No two properties are the same

And no two buyers are the same. That’s why your tactic should never be the same as your neighbour’s down the road. At Jackson+Rowe we zero in on what’s different about your property and go after buyers that want what you have. Getting the best price is not about finding more people; it’s about finding people who like your property more than anything else they’ve seen.

You can put a price on it

Whether you’ve done work to your property or not, the likelihood is that the value of it has increased since you first bought it. There are various ways to value a property and by law; we have to look at the property’s sales history. We also know what buyers look for and what options they have. And in our experience, there are three values that should be considered when selling your home.

Market value

An average price that is based on comparing your home to the sales of other homes like it. It’s what someone who is not in love with your property would pay.

Buyer value

The amount that the buyer who has found their perfect home will pay. It’s exactly what they’re looking for and they’ll pay a premium price – often a lot more than the market value – to secure it.

Your value

As the owner of the property, you obviously have a figure in mind that makes sense to you. We respect that, and will do everything we can to help you achieve the price you’re after.

If you love it, they will too

Remember when you first fell in love with your home? When you knocked down a wall to create more space? When you invested in those little (or big) add-ons to make it more homely? Use them to create an emotional attachment to your property, because that’s exactly what the buyer will fall in love with.

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