The quicker way to rent at a higher price

While agencies still advertise rental properties in newspapers and property magazines, we have found that online advertising is far more successful at reaching a wider audience and quality source of enquiry. Print advertising also costs significantly more and with no real way to measure the outcome of it, your money is better spent elsewhere.


Your property will be listed on both and, as well as our website, and showcased in the best light – both inside and out. The more thoroughly your property is presented, the more prospects you’ll attract.

On display

Your property will also be prominently positioned in our window display, and use our office listing and location signage to ensure greater local reach from passers-by.

On watch

We don’t leave your property advertising to chance, we track and measure everything. Online advertising allows us to monitor how many prospects have enquired, compare your property to others in the market, find tenants faster and ensure your property attracts the best rent available.

On demand

We pride ourselves on never allowing a property to sit vacant for more than 2 weeks. In fact, we often lease properties out before they become vacant and we are known for having less vacancies than the Sydney average, as quoted by the Real Estate Institute.

On checking-in

To ensure you are at ease with this process, we have a strict routine for checking in with you at every stage of a tenant’s interest. We’ll provide you with feedback from inspections and suggest ways to rent your property out sooner or at a higher price.

On fees

Information on advertising and letting fees can be found in on the fee insert in this pack. All our fees are fully tax deductible.

The tenant that’s right for you

Securing the right property manager is one thing, but it’s the tenant that lives in your property. Finding tenants that will pay their rent on time, take care of the property and be on their best behaviour is our top priority.

It’s why we are painfully meticulous when it comes to checking references. We don’t just take someone’s word for it; we document every check we make.

The financially stable

Applicants with ongoing, stable jobs are a must – as confirmed by the employer. We don’t consider those who change jobs frequently, as we want to be sure the tenant has the means to pay the rent before we put forward their application to you.

The good mannered

Depending on how long the applicant has lived in their current property, we might also look at previous tenancies. Are they credible tenants you can trust to make timely payments? Will they respect you and your property?

The guilty party

No one is likely to admit to damaging a property or being unable to pay rent. It’s why we conduct background checks on applicants to ensure they have not previously been registered as having a default. It’s our policy to never accept a tenant that appears on the Tica Default Tenancy Control System website, of which we are members.

The final say

As always, we’ll be in touch with you throughout the process, so you have all the information you need to make the final decision on an applicant.

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