How well your property investment performs often comes down the quality of advice you receive and the care of the people you entrust to help you. That’s where we come in. Jackson+Rowe’s approach is simple – you are the owner, we work, negotiate and fight for you and we know rentals.

We know how to achieve the best rents in the market. We know the law and how leases and agreements are best constructed to look after you. We know how to manage tenants so your property is clean and looked after. And we know how you want things done, when you want to be called and what you want us to do. And we know those things because we spend the time to understand and look at things from your point of view because we know it’s your property.

We know how to deliver the best property management strategies in the industry. Our tenants stay in our properties longer. You’ll have less vacancy and as a result less repairs and less costs each year. We deduct rent from the tenants bank accounts so you have less rent hassles and when the tenants eventually move, things run smoother and that’s why we have a lot less bond claims. How do we know all this? Because other agents employ us to teach them how.

You want to get the best from your investment. We make it our business to know how best to deliver that. That’s what we mean by ‘We know Rentals’.

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