Inspecting the property

Before applying for a property you must inspect it. Be thorough with your inspection as the landlord is not required to make any changes or alterations that you request.

Most inspections can be conducted at the prearranged open houses. It is advised that you check the website a day or two before the open house to confirm the property has not been leased.

You do not need to book in to attend the open house, there will be a staff member present to allow you access. Open houses are generally only 20 minutes long, so ensure that you arrive on time to give yourself adequate time to inspect.

Applications may be collected from the staff member at the open house.

Applying for a rental property

An application must be submitted for each person you would like named on the lease. Each application must be accompanied with a copy of the applicants drivers license or passport.

If you are on government benefits or supported by other means, you will need to provide documentation of this, for example a Centrelink Statement.

If you own your own property, please provide a copy of a recent rates notice that shows your name and the address of the property.

For those who own your own business we require contact details for your Accountant and any supporting documentation that will confirm your income.

You are welcome to provide any additional documentation such as pay slips or bank statements to further your application.

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