Vacating can be confusing and tenants can get caught out around notice periods. Here is our quick guide!


Firstly – are you in lease?

If you’re in lease – you need to give us 14 days notice right up until the end of your lease. If your lease ends on the 21st of September, you can give us 14 days notice right up till the 21st, but the moment it ticks over to the 22nd – you must give us the 21 days notice.

Of course, it also goes without saying that if you are in lease, you cannot vacate until the end of the lease. If you do, you will be liable for break lease fees. In the first half of your lease these are 6 weeks rent, and in the second half of your lease, it is 4 weeks rent.

Not in lease – it’s 21 days notice. 21.

The notice needs to be in writing & has to have a few things:

+ Anyone who is one the lease has to have signed it

+ The date you are serving it

+ The date you plan to vacate and hand keys back to us

+ Our company name, or the landlords name

+ Type of notice – It will be End of Fixed Term (14 Days), Termination of Periodic Tenancy (21 Days) or Notice for Early Termination of Tenancy Agreement

Here are our standard forms for you to download, complete & get back to us.

14 or 21 Days Form

Break Lease Form

Things to remember about notice:

The day you serve us notice doesn’t count toward the day total. Serving on the 21st? Starting counting from the 22nd.

To serve the notice – you can email it. You can also post it, which adds 4 business days to the total days’ notice. Lastly, you can also hand it into our office. If we are closed, just push it under the door, or in our mailbox marked SHOP in the driveway.

Want to double check any of this? Here’s a link to Department of Fair Trading Factsheet.



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