Our Team

Stephen Jackson Director

M: 0417 211 330
T: 02 8878 1900
E: Stephen

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Responsible for: Growing the business, training and developing staff, introducing new systems and strategies to improve clients’ sales potential and the business’ overall performance.

Good at: Bringing his intelligence and wealth of real estate knowledge to the business.

Loves: Creating a workplace where people enjoy what they do, the people they work with and the clients they help.

Known for: His unparalleled knowledge and problem-solving skills.

Favourite Jackson+Rowe moment? The great water cannon fight of 1995. 

Gail Jackson Director/Sales

M: 0408 448 692
T: 02 8878 1900
E: Gail

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Responsible for: Sales. Gail believes good selling comes down to a combination of exceptional customer service, pleasant interactions, clear expectations, and achievable outcomes.

Good at: Her role as a business partner, sales expert, property marketer and securer of buyers.

Loves: Simplifying buyers’ hopes and helping them buy the right home for their needs.  

Known for: Her creative flair, her pleasant and thoughtful disposition.  

Favourite Jackson+Rowe moment? The Christmas party that ended in a lolly fight in Jackson+Rowe’s  reception area.  

Kristine De Santis Business Manager/
Licensee in Charge

T: 02 8878 1900
E: Kristine

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Responsible for: The everyday running of the business, including HR, accounts, licensee compliance, and overseeing the training of all staff.

Good at: Nurturing staff and making people feel welcome.

Loves: Helping staff grow beyond what they thought was possible, ensuring our clients receive the best possible service.

Known for: Always being there for the team - no matter what.

Favourite Jackson+Rowe moment? Social events & all aspect of training with internal & external staff.  

Peta Norquay Accounts & Operations Manager

T: 02 8878 1900
E: Peta

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Responsible for: Landlord accounts, creditor payments, IT, operations, social committee chairperson.

Good at: Juggling different responsibilities, solving colleague’s life problems. And doing it all with a big dose of fun.

Loves: Being the “older sister” – listening to and giving advice to the younger girls in the office.

Known for: Her photographic memory, exceptional insight into celebrity gossip.

Favourite Jackson+Rowe moment? Organizing & attending work social events

Brianna Mitchell Sales

T: 02 8878 1900
E: Brianna

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Responsible for: Sales support, liaising with buyers, communicating with our Chinese clients

Good at: Juggling a wide variety of different responsibilities, lending support when needed without hesitation, building a great rapport with everyone she meets

Loves: Her husband & family, travelling, meeting new people

Known for: her positivity, happy, smiling face, speaking fluent Mandarin, being resilient with all life throws at her!

Favourite J&R moment:  The Christmas Party on the catamaran, really getting to know my fellow team members

Wendy Keegan Sales

T: 02 8878 1900
E: Wendy

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Responsible For: Sales, property management and client satisfaction. 

Good At: Understanding that communication is equal parts speaking and listening. 

Loves: International travel with a particular fondness for Tuscany.

Known For: Her ability to solve problems and her unwavering customer focus. 

Favourite Jackson & Rowe moment: My first Christmas party. Great fun with a superb team.

Leanne Meredith Sales Support

T: 02 8878 1900
E: Leanne

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Responsible for: Ensuring everything runs smoothly and on time. That means taking care of the legal and customer service aspects of client sales, documenting, lodging and managing ads, preparing reports and fielding general enquiries.

Good at: Solving any problem, from photocopier jams to misbehaving children.

Loves: What she does.

Known for: Being kind, friendly, supportive and reliable.

Favourite Jackson+Rowe moment? Friday night drinks and pizza session with some great colleagues and friends.

Chantel Rowley Property Manager

T: 02 8878 1900
E: Chantel

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Responsible for: Managing a rental portfolio of properties, meeting landlords’ needs, and tending to tenant enquiries.

Good at: Interacting with people, bringing the best out of people, being honest & genuine

Loves: Singing, Bulldog puppies, Impersonating people & travelling

Known for: Having the office in fits of laughter, Sitting directly under the aircon when no one else will, pronouncing orangutan incorrectly  

Favourite Jackson+Rowe moment? The embarrassment of the crucial conversations course & skydiving

Angie Malgo Property Manager

T: 02 8878 1900
E: Angie

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Responsible for: Day to day running of reception, Liasing with clients, answering calls & admin duties

Good at: Learning quickly, being very reliable and honest

Loves: Her Dog, really beautiful shoes and spicy food

Known for: Sweet smile, friendly nature and exquisite taste in shoes

Favourite Jackson+Rowe moment? Signing up my first lease agreement and speaking with applicants

Penny Gilbert Admin Support

T: 02 8878 1900
E: Penny

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Responsible for: Accounts, operations & marketing support

Good at: Always eager to help and is incredibly organised which allows her to do everything at ease

Loves: Going to Gold Class (Movies) with the girls, kayaking, bush walking and attending picnics with family and friends

Known for: Positive, can-do attitude, always helping out with everything

Favourite Jackson+Rowe moment? A magnificent dinner at Peter Gilmore's Restaurant - The Quay, cannot remember the occasion but the food and wine were fantastic and memorable