Letting your property

You want the best

Our approach sounds simple – you are the owner, we work, negotiate and look after you. How well your investment performs and grows and the security it provides for you and your family is not always guaranteed. That’s where our experience and skill can make all the difference. Talk to us and you’ll see how easy things can be.

You want things done right

We know how to promote your property so that the best tenants apply and how lease agreements are should be designed to look after your interests. We know how to manage tenants’ expectations and behaviours so that your property is looked after and left clean. And we take the time to understand how you want things done, when you want to be contacted and what you want us to do. We look at things from your point of view because that’s how we do things right.

Small things make big differences

The best strategies start with simple ideas. For example, we pioneered mandatory use of direct debit for the payment of rent. Our system deducts all rent from your tenant’s bank account when it falls due rather than waiting for the tenant to pay. It is why we have far less arrears and bond claims compared to other agents. There are many things we do that make a big difference for our clients. Give us a call to find out how we can make property investment a little easier for you.

Rental Appraisal

If you would like an update on the market, current rent potential or information on the property management services we provide, give us a call (02) 8878 1900 or complete our online request. It’s obligation free.