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<h1>Surely our insurance covers this?</h1>

Surely our insurance covers this?

This is the most common question we are asked when things go wrong. And most people asking the question are upset because they are facing a financial cost they hadn't budgeted for. People cope with small costs and don't even...
<h1>Landlord insurance is not always the same.</h1>

Landlord insurance is not always the same.

We come across a lot of different Landlord insurances. Some policies have great coverage, while others leave a lot out and only cover the disasters and then not always. Tenants and Landlords are not required to take out insurance, but… Residential Tenancy...
<h1>I want compensation!</h1>

I want compensation!

When things go wrong, it’s not unusual for tenants to think the law is on their side. Tenancy law is quite specific on what compensation will be awarded, and it is not as broad as many think. To be liable, Landlords...
<h1>Who is responsible for fixing Mould?</h1>

Who is responsible for fixing Mould?

Mould is a variety of fungi that grow naturally on plant and animal matter. Mould spores are fungi seeds drifting in the air until they find a spot to germinate and grow. Mould needs food, and pretty much anything organic will...
<h1>Who is responsible for garden care?</h1>

Who is responsible for garden care?

When it comes to the lawns and gardens, there are few specifics written in a lease and the Act about who must do what. Over time, the tribunal has created a series of standards for what they see as the...
<h1>What to do when an Owner and Tenant disagree about repairs</h1>

What to do when an Owner and Tenant disagree about repairs

When you don't know why something is broken, it is not uncommon for either party to assume a reason and blame the other person. The Tribunal has had to decide many cases where the actual cause of an issue is...
<h1>Tenants' obligation to Mitigate?</h1>

Tenants' obligation to Mitigate?

Having the right to fix a problem doesn't give a tenant the right to spend freely at the expense of another. It also means that if you have the power to act and don't, any losses incurred because you didn't...
<h1>Tenants have rights if the Landlord fails on repairs</h1>

Tenants have rights if the Landlord fails on repairs

A non-urgent repair is any repair that falls outside the definition of an urgent repair. If a party to a lease does comply with the law, the law does not give the other party power to enforce. If a landlord does...
<h1>Can Tenants arrange their own urgent repairs?</h1>

Can Tenants arrange their own urgent repairs?

When a repair is Urgent, conditions and processes still must be followed before a landlord is required to reimburse the tenant. - The repair cannot be the tenant's fault or the tenant's responsibility. - The tenant must first make a reasonable effort...
<h1>Protecting people and Property</h1>

Protecting people and Property

An emergency repair is one that is necessary to protect people or property. If a reasonable person would get it fixed faster then its an unreasonable delay. But it also doesn’t mean Would they live with the problem until tradesmen and...
<h1>How fast does an Urgent repair need to be fixed</h1>

How fast does an Urgent repair need to be fixed

Depending on what has gone wrong and when it happened, there are no hard and fast rules. A tenant must give an owner a Reasonable Opportunity to have the repair completed before taking action themselves. Both parties must act fairly towards...
<h1>When is a repair Urgent?</h2>

When is a repair Urgent?

Some repairs carry special significance because they relate specifically to safety or the property's fitness to live in. These repairs are described in the law as Urgent repairs, and Tenancy law requires these be acted upon without unreasonable delay. Specifically, urgent repairs...
<h1>Access for tradespeople to carry out repairs</h1>

Access for tradespeople to carry out repairs

Our tradespeople will contact you to arrange access between 9-5 Monday to Friday. They don't do after-hours work without charging after-hours rates at your cost. Our tradespeople can use office keys if you are unavailable to attend and complete the repairs...
<h1>Reporting repairs</h1>

Reporting repairs

You can report a repair by phone or email to us. We need a clear description of the problem and the events leading up to it. We use this information to explain the problem to the landlord and their tradespeople....
<h1>A Tenant's right to make changes</h1>

A Tenant's right to make changes

Tenants can also fit improvements to the property, but they need to ask permission. This permission needs to be in writing, as does the request. Generally, a landlord can't unreasonably refuse permission for a tenant to make minor improvements. These improvements...
<h1>Improvements are by agreement</h1>

Improvements are by agreement

A simple definition of an improvement is that it makes the property better than it was at the time of the commencement of the lease. Improvements are mostly commonly thought of as adding something that wasn't already present, like installing flyscreens...
<h1>Are Tenants responsible for any maintenance or repairs?</h1>

Are Tenants responsible for any maintenance or repairs?

Tenants are responsible for some specific types of maintenance. These include regular cleaning, replacing light bulbs, cleaning windows, dusting, and removing cobwebs. Some cleaning needs to be done regularly so that parts of the property don't become damaged. Cleaning the paintwork and...
<h1>Everyone should have insurance</h1>

Everyone should have insurance

Intentional damage is rare. Accidental damage is far more common and can be incredibly expensive for tenants and owners. We recommend both landlord and tenant have insurance. Kitchen fires are an example where costs get up into the many thousands and,...
<h1>Breakages and Accidental Damage</h1>

Breakages and Accidental Damage

Tenants are responsible for any damage to the property if they damage something accidentally, intentionally, or through negligence. Tenants are also responsible for any damage done by their visitors or co-tenants. Tenants can also be required to cover the cost of...
<h1>What is Wear and Tear, and when is it Damage?</h1>

What is Wear and Tear, and when is it Damage?

It is not unusual for a repair to be picked up during the outgoing inspection that the tenant and owner disagree as to who is responsible. The tenant might say it is 'wear and tear', while the owner might believe that...
<h1>Minimum standards for rental property</h1>

Minimum standards for rental property

Most property leased in NSW is well maintained and appropriate to live in. Not so much because of the law but because the large majority of owners and tenants respect the relationship and want to be fair. In fact it...
<h1>How is maintenance handled & can I use my own trades?</h1>

How is maintenance handled & can I use my own trades?

It’s too simple to say that maintenance is handled in line with your instructions but that’s exactly where it all starts. When a tenant reports a maintenance issue the first thing our property managers see on the computer screen besides...
<h1>Can you pay my rates notices on my behalf?</h1>

Can you pay my rates notices on my behalf?

Yes we can and what’s more, we don’t charge for the service! The reason many owners have us attend to the payments of rates, strata levies and insurance premiums is that it’s easier for them, it is summarised in their...
<h1>How is rent collected & how often can I get paid?</h1>

How is rent collected & how often can I get paid?

‘Payment of rent is not discretionary!’ Many agents set up systems of rent collection that allow tenants to choose when and how they pay rent. Just as the banks deduct your mortgage payment out of your bank account on the day...
<h1>Do I get to choose the tenant that goes into my property?</h1>

Do I get to choose the tenant that goes into my property?

Simple answer, Absolutely! Not only do you get to decide, but your choice is exactly that, you choose and we respect that. We will always provide guidance on: Looking after and maintaining the property Meeting tenant obligations, paying rent on time...
<h1>Does the agent have to be local to manage my property?</h1>

Does the agent have to be local to manage my property?

Our experience and expertise allows us to manage property throughout Sydney. In fact we manage property from Penrith to the City. Our clients like the idea that all their Sydney investment property is handled by one highly trained property manager...
<h1>How long does it take to find a tenant?</h1>

How long does it take to find a tenant?

Let’s refine the question, how long does it take to find a good tenant, you really don’t want the other kind! We are statistic nuts and track everything in our business so we know rather than guess what’s happening. Vacancy periods...
<h1>What is landlord’s insurance & do I need it?</h1>

What is landlord’s insurance & do I need it?

Important to note; we are not insurance advisors and our opinions are purely that. In our opinion, landlord insurance should cover accidental as well as malicious damage done by a tenant, visitor or event this will ensure you are covered if...
<h1>Unhappy with your current Agent? Make the switch</h1>

Unhappy with your current Agent? Make the switch

The good news is that we can take care of everything. The first step is to get in writing, your instructions as to how you want your property. You will then sign a letter of termination for your old agent...

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