<h1>Do I get to choose the tenant that goes into my property?</h1>

Do I get to choose the tenant that goes into my property?

Simple answer, Absolutely!

Not only do you get to decide, but your choice is exactly that, you choose and we respect that. We will always provide guidance on:

  • Looking after and maintaining the property
  • Meeting tenant obligations, paying rent on time and coping with rent increases
  • Behaviour during their tenancy (people who are unfriendly, demanding or arrogant rarely make good tenants)
  • Likelihood that they will be long term tenants rather than short term (our average length of tenancy is over 4 years)
  • The important thing is that it’s not just us that should be comfortable and confident about the tenant, it’s you the owner. And that’s what guides us and that’s why when it comes to selecting tenants, and if you choose, the answer to any tenants application is never a Yes until you tell us so.