Covid-19 | Important Information for our Tenants

Covid-19 | Important Information for our Tenants

25 Mar 2020

Covid-19 is changing our world so much and so fast.

This is an update on how we are changing our property management department and how we can help you. No doubt we will have to adapt multiple times as each new challenge arises but we have been around for 62 years and we plan to be around for a lot longer yet.

Your Property Manager

We have spread all our properties across a larger number of Property Managers and senior staff members. The intention is to make each staff member’s workload as light as possible.  It will also allow others to step in and back up if a team member falls sick for a time.

All tenants should have received an email from us stating who your property manager is and their contact details. If you have not received it, please call (02) 8878 1900 or email your details to

Social distancing and working in isolation is very much the name of the game now. Most of our team members are working from home now. Their phones are diverted, and they have access to their emails and most of our computer records and systems.  If you need to talk to your Property Manager, send them an email, or if you need to call them, please use their direct number rather than our main office line.


Most of our tradespeople are still working, but we will probably be a little slower with non-urgent repairs.  Our tradesmen are also being hampered by the requirements the virus has placed on us all. If you are unwell, we need to know, and if you are in isolation or awaiting test results, we need to know that too. We have to protect these tradespeople and you and we have to be able to help.


Rent will continue to be upload as usual.

Everybody’s circumstances are different right now, and what is fine today may change tomorrow. If you have issues with your ability to pay rent, talk to us. We will speak with you and your owner so we can find a way forward that’s works for everyone.


We will do our best to update you as things change. If there is another email address you want us to use, let us know.

Please look after yourself, stay safe, and we will all face each day as best we can.


Stephen Jackson | Director