<h1>If I sign an Agency Agreement, am I locked in?</h1>

If I sign an Agency Agreement, am I locked in?

Good question, we don’t take hostages.

An agency agreement is a written contract. Most agency agreements have a period of exclusivity, typically 3 months is the most common in the industry. The time frames involved in selling a property are usually:

  1. 1 week to get the marketing and contract prepared
  2. 5 weeks showing the property and attracting offers
  3. 1 week negotiating an agreement
  4. 6 weeks from exchange of sales contracts to settlement

Approx 3 months in total.

At Jackson+Roww if an owner has some reason for not wanting to commit to that period of time we will reduce that time frame. The reality is that if someone doesn’t want us to help them, then we will let them go.