<h1>How is maintenance handled & can I use my own trades?</h1>

How is maintenance handled & can I use my own trades?

It’s too simple to say that maintenance is handled in line with your instructions but that’s exactly where it all starts. When a tenant reports a maintenance issue the first thing our property managers see on the computer screen besides the problem is your instructions. And every owners instructions are different. Some want us to talk to them about every issue, others want us to look after issues without bothering them, some prefer their own tradesmen and so. Our system easily handles those variations.

A lot of complaints we hear from owners is that their agent gets work done, when in fact the problem or; more to the point the responsibility wasn’t the owner’s in the first place. We always review each item check initially as to who’s responsible.. With our experience we have forced strata managers to do work on behalf of our clients, ensured tenants have covered their full responsibilities and chased insurance companies for payment.

All our tradesmen are checked each year to ensure they carry full licensing and insurance. They must guarantee their work and must be able and willing to go back at our, or the clients request.