<h1>Are Tenants responsible for any maintenance or repairs?</h1>

Are Tenants responsible for any maintenance or repairs?

Tenants are responsible for some specific types of maintenance.

These include regular cleaning, replacing light bulbs, cleaning windows, dusting, and removing cobwebs.

Some cleaning needs to be done regularly so that parts of the property don’t become damaged. Cleaning the paintwork and tile grouting stops mould build-up. Failing to clean regularly can result in pitied and stained surfaces that require professional repair.
Gardens must also be continually maintained, including watering, weeding garden beds, and removing grass from garden beds and plants and shrubs need to be trimmed and cared for.

Lawns must also be regularly mowed, edged and weeded. They are also not to be misused by driving cars on the lawn or leaving items that cover the grass and kill it.

Maintaining gardens and yards requires active care and effort. Gardens left unattended will deteriorate. Interiors not cleaned regularly will also deteriorate. The lease makes tenants responsible for maintenance.