<h1>Tenants have rights if the Landlord fails on repairs</h1>

Tenants have rights if the Landlord fails on repairs

A non-urgent repair is any repair that falls outside the definition of an urgent repair.
If a party to a lease does comply with the law, the law does not give the other party power to enforce. If a landlord does not maintain their property as required by the law, the tenant can seek a remedy through the Tribunal. That is the sole authority of the Tribunal. If a landlord doesn’t repair, the tenant does not have a balancing right to withhold rent or punish the landlord. The Tribunal can only do that.

The tenant is best advised to
• Request in writing that the item be repaired
• Apply to the Tribunal for an order to have the item repaired
• Prepare your evidence
• That it was present at the time of commencement of the lease as shown in the ingoing report
• That you have requested it repaired

In cases when landlords do not repair, the Tribunal can make an order requiring the owner to repair, awarding compensation to the tenant for a reduction in the quality of the property for which they have been paying.